Customers care about eco-friendliness!

Dry Foodservice Towel versus dirty rag

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are particularly selective on where they spend their money. They often choose to support businesses that share their values and, more and more, eco-friendliness is top of mind.

This Earth Day, the 50th annual celebration, choose products that help you, and your customers, feel good about going green.

About half of consumers say that a restaurant’s efforts to be environmentally friendly factor in where they choose to dine1 – and fifty-three percent of consumers say they’re willing to pay more for products and services from companies committed to making a positive social and environmental impact.2
Restaurants Benefit
In addition to the environmental benefits, restaurants can actually increase profitability by going green. With consumers willing to pay more at eco-friendly operations, plus the cost savings of environmental programs—composting, for example, has been shown to save restaurants hundreds of dollars per month in trash removal expenses3—operators can improve their bottom line.
What is your foodservice establishment doing to limit its environmental impact?
Recycling, composting, and sustainable sourcing programs in foodservice can all benefit in reducing a restaurant’s environmental impact. You may also think that the use of reusable laundered towels rather than disposables is beneficial to the environment, but not necessarily. Let’s take a closer look.

Laundered Towels:

Symbol representing Three gallons of wasted water
Waste up to 3 gallons of water per pound, every time an item is washed.4
Symol depicting harmful chemicals pouring into the watershed supply
Require harsh chemicals and bleaches that may find their way into the environment.
factory symbol representing greenhouse emissions

Lead to greenhouse emissions from transportation, washing, and drying.

There’s a Greener Alternative
Durable. Reusable Compostable. Sani Professional® Dry Foodservice Towels offer an eco-friendly alternative to linen rags & day towels. These super-absorbent towels are durable, reusable (up to 8 hours), and BPI Certified 100% compostable. Rinse out and reuse one sheet throughout the day. You’ll save time and money, while helping to save the environment.
Symbol for BPI CERTIFIED 100% Compostable in industrial facilities.
100% Compostable in industrial facilities.
Clock symbol with 8hrs in the center
Lasts a full 8-hour shift.
Absorbs 8x its weight in spills.
Sani Professional® Dry Foodservice Towels
  • BPI Certified 100% compostable in industrial facilities
  • Durable enough to last a full 8-hour shift
  • Less wasteful than one-size-fits-all day towels. Control-the-Roll™ perforations allow you to choose the right size towel for the job
  • 25% more absorbent than other foodservice towels—absorb 8X their weight in spills*