When you have a sold-out stadium of hungry fans to feed, keeping concession stands clean is no cake walk. Volume and pace often conspire to make a mess of even the most carefully managed operations.1
Like any foodservice operation, concession stands must adhere to all local food licensing and permitting laws and regulations.2 In a fast-paced environment like stadium foodservice, that means being prepared with cleaning and degreasing products that are quick and easy for employees to use.
A dropped chili dog or milkshake can really make a mess of things fast and thus requires immediate attention. Be ready for the necessity of sudden clean-ups with portable, ready-to-use products.1 Just like on the football field, a blown assignment – such as failure to clean up messes quickly – can lead to big problems later. For example, to avoid liability claims, large or small spills must be dealt with quickly to prevent possible slips and falls – by customers and/or employees.1 Sticky spills collect grime and can get tracked over a wider area – only increasing the amount of clean-up needed, as well as the potential for attracting insects and vermin to your operation.3