Clean, Separate, Cook/Chill, Store

Steo-by-step guide to experience food safely

Each year, foodborne illnesses cost the U.S. foodservice industry billions of dollars and sicken thousands.1 Fortunately, by closely following the CDC’s recommended four basic food safety practices, foodservice operators can help prevent outbreaks, keep guests healthy, and maintain their business' reputations:

  • Clean – Hands, utensils, and surfaces must all be clean in order to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria
    – Hands must be cleaned with soap and water
    – Food contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized
    – Non-food contact surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected
  • Separate – Avoid cross-contamination by keeping meats, poultry, seafood and eggs (and the utensils and surfaces used to prepare them) separated from ready-to-eat foods
  • Cook – Because cooking kills potentially harmful pathogens, foods must be heated to proper internal temperatures, verified by using a food thermometer
  • Chill – Storing foods properly is essential to helping prevent the growth of illness-causing bacteria on perishable foods.2
Take a deeper dive into the “Core Four” steps that compose the foundation of food safety. Download our food safety resource below.
Clean, Separate, Cook/Chill, Store (infographic)