Clean and Grease-Free First Impressions

Clean to Impress

When it comes to a positive guest experience, first impressions count and restaurant cleanliness speaks volumes.In the age of online reviews and viral social media, failing to make that all-important good first impression can have lasting consequences — on reputations and bottom lines.2

In fact, research carried out by a Harvard Business School researcher found that a 1-star increase in a restaurant's Yelp rating can see a 9% increase in revenue.2 The cleanliness of a restaurant is proven to be a key factor in driving new and repeat business.

As if keeping a foodservice environment meticulously clean wasn't hard enough, highly visible open kitchen concepts take the need for cleanliness to a whole new level. Preparing and cooking food under the curious, watchful eyes of a dining room full of guests is a huge challenge. How staff clean, when they clean, whether they are wearing gloves (or not!) are all laid bare in trendy open kitchen restaurant designs.3

When guests and cooks can both see one another:

Guest satisfaction
went up 17.3%

Service was
13.2% faster

Harvard Business School Study

Keeping a restaurant and its kitchen clean, especially during peak hours, can be a challenge—even more so when those expected to maintain the cleanliness also have additional responsibilities essential to upholding a great guest experience. 

Help maintain a high level of cleanliness by developing protocols that aren’t keeping your staff from other duties:

1.     Choose tools that help make the task of cleaning and degreasing fast, easy, and convenient.

2.     Select tools that are intuitive—requiring minimal training.

3.     Make tools readily available and ready to use. 

Keeping a restaurant and its kitchen spotless inevitably involves dealing with grease and grime. Sani Professional® Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes knock out tough messes on demand and leave behind clean, streak-free surfaces in just one easy step. With regular use throughout the day, these ready-to-use, disposable wipes can reduce end-of-shift heavy duty cleaning and grease removal.

Go big against kitchen grease and grime with heavy-duty Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes from Sani Professional.

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