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With schools out and temperatures up, summer brings an increase in foot traffic for foodservice and other leisure-related businesses.1 To keep up with the summer boom, many foodservice operators turn to seasonal help,2 with more than 1/3 of teens getting summer jobs.4 In fact, the restaurant industry is a leading creator of seasonal jobs during the summer months – second only to the construction industry.2

To get summer hires up and running fast, equip them with food safety training tools and easy-to-use products.

Intuitive products that require minimal training offer a huge advantage over complicated ones. Look for products that are:

Simple, User Friendly, Fast, Intuitive, and Safe.​

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Easy-to-use Sani Professional® Cleaning Multi-Surface Wipes require little to no training. They’re convenient, so they’re more likely to be used! No mixing, no measuring, no mess. Wipe, Toss, Done.™

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