No-Rinse Sanitizing Spray Product Video

Spray it like you mean it!™ with Sani Professional's No-Rinse Sanitizing Spray. This all-in-one spray replaces multiple products for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. It is a cross-contamination food safety management system that is easy and simple to implement across foodservice operations. No more worries that your employees are not using the right product for the right task. This product is specially formulated to clean, then sanitize food contact surfaces as well as disinfect high touch surfaces.


Cross-contamination is serious business… and this spray is up to the challenge. 

Say “goodbye” to all this; say “hello” to the all-in-one spray from Sani Professional.

Spray to clean. Pull a compostable towel to wipe away debris. Then, spray to sanitize – no rinsing required. 

It's the first non-bleach spray from Sani Professional that kills Norovirus and other common foodborne pathogens, so you can use it everywhere you need fast, effective cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. 

One spray is all you need for a complete food safety management system. When it comes to preventing cross-contamination, this spray means business!