Prevent the Spread of Infections on Campus


College students (and their parents) will soon be converging on college campuses for the beginning of the 2018/19 school year.  And with lots of people, come lots of germs leading to the spread of Community Acquired Infections (CAIs) including cold, flu, and foodborne illnesss.

Help prevent foodborne illness on your campus. Here are the Top 10 Food Safety Tips:

  • 1. Food Safety Certified Manager
    Have at least one manager certified in food safety and sanitation in your school cafeteria.
  • 2. Food Safety Training
    Train all foodservice staff in basic food safety practices including cooking and holding foods to proper temperatures, upon employment and periodically thereafter.
  • 3. Check Food for Freshness
    When foods are delivered, immediately assess their temperature and freshness.
  • 4. Monitor Holding Temperatures
    Keep hot foods hot (135°F or above) and cold foods cold (41°F or below).
  • 5. Cleanliness
    Properly wash your hands at appropriate times.
  • 6. Safe Food Handling
    Establish appropriate documentation and procedures for the control and safe handling of food.
  • 7. Establish Protocols
    Develop and distribute clear guidelines for foodservice managers in the event of a suspected foodborne illness outbreak.
  • 8. Hold Regular Inspections
    Encourage local health department inspections and self-inspections of food safety practices and facilities where food is stored, prepared, held or served.
  • 9. Continuing Education
    Serve as a food safety resource for your school by providing food safety information, demonstrations, or workshops and promotion your school’s food safety efforts and accomplishments.
  • 10. Prevent Cross-Contamination
    Keep foods apart to avoid the transmission of pathogens from one food item to another.

CLICK HERE to download our infographic of the germiest places on campus.

Although harmful pathogens can live anywhere it’s smart to be aware of areas that can be the most troublesome. Studies show that these areas harbor the most germs.
Hands – Yes, one of the germiest places in college is the student!
High-Touch Areas – It should be no surprise that surfaces like door handles, soap dispensers and surfaces in communal spaces like keyboards, classroom desks and gym equipment harbor millions of bacteria.

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