Spray It Like You Mean It!

As we continue to learn more about operating businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA, CDC and EPA all remain steadfast that extensive cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting strategies must be enacted and strictly followed (in addition to social distancing, personal hygiene measures and health monitoring) in order to combat spreading the disease.

During such a complex time, having to buy, store, maintain, and use various chemicals, buckets, and processes to accomplish sanitation and compliance in foodservice operations is the last thing anyone needs.

With the All-in-one1 Sani-Professional® No-Rinse Sanitizing Multi-Surface Spray you can clean, sanitize, and disinfect with just ONE product. In addition to eliminating dirt and germs, our spray eliminates the need for multiple products as well as the need for different training programs and protocols for each one. Plus, the new patented Sani-Snap Accessory houses the All-in-One Spray and Dry Foodservice Towel in one place for a complete sanitation system.

No-Rinse Sanitizing Multi-Surface Spray is an indispensable tool during these challenging times that is specially formulated to clean, then sanitize food contact surfaces as well as disinfect high-touch surfaces. Effective against Norovirus, Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli, and most common foodborne pathogens2 our spray is easily implemented across foodservice operations – no more worrying whether employees are using the right product for the task. It is also included on the EPA's List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.3

COMPLIANCE: Use the right tool for the job!

Sani-Professional® No-Rinse Sanitizing Multi-Surface Spray is a complete food safety management system –– in ONE product! Who couldn’t use more simplicity these days?

Sani-Professional® No-Rinse Sanitizing Multi-Surface Spray is a complete food safety management system –– in ONE product!
  • All-in-one: Cleans, Sanitizes, Disinfects1
  • FDA Food Code compliant to clean, then sanitize hard nonporous surfaces
  • No-Rinse Sanitizer/Disinfectant, perfect for front and back-of-house use
  • Bleach-free with no harsh smell, improving guest experience
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Ready to use – no mixing or measuring of chemicals required
  • Convenient and portable Sani-Snap Accessory houses the All-in-One1 Spray and Dry Foodservice Towel in one convenient dispenser
SurFACE off side by side:
Yes, Checkmark
  • One product is all you need to clean, sanitize and disinfect nonporous surfaces.
  • Consistent system deployed across the operation.
No-X Symbol
  • Multiple products and varying instructions are needed to clean, sanitize and disinfect.
  • Difficult to maintain consistency across the operation.
Yes, Checkmark
  • Easy to implement – eliminates cumbersome tasks and helps prevent food code violations.
  • Empowers staff to clean properly with minimal supervision.
No-X Symbol
  • Requires closely supervised training to ensure compliance.
  • High staff turnover demands more time for training.
Yes, Checkmark
  • Minimizes space and storage complexities.
  • Simplifies the buying process behind one product.
No-X Symbol
  • More storage and maintenance required for multiple products.
  • Requires procurement of various products.
Yes, Checkmark
  • One product can be used for Back of House and Front of House, food and nonfood contact surfaces.
No-X Symbol
  • Front of House and Back of House need specific products for cleaning and sanitizing.
Yes, Checkmark
  • Ready-to-use spray eliminates handling of chemicals that put food at risk.
No-X Symbol
  • May require use of protective gloves for the handling of harsh chemicals.

Sani-Professional® No-Rinse Sanitizing Multi-Surface Spray means business!

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1. Only when used according to disinfection directions for use.

2. See Technical Data Bulletin for details.

3. In order to be included in List N, Sani Professional® No-Rinse Sanitizing Spray (EPA Reg. No. 9480-11) meets the EPA criteria to be effective against emerging pathogens as COVID-19 is an emerging pathogen.