Thinking Clean, Working Green

Restaurants impact our environment big-time!3
Ranking of the restaurant industry among retail sector consumers of electricity
Average number of pounds of garbage produced per year by each restaurant
Average number of gallons of water per year used by each restaurant
Average distance in miles between farm and table

Sustainability isn't just a foodservice buzz word anymore, it’s “an expectation of today’s consumers and businesses.”6 From using locally-sourced ingredients to eliminating plastic straws, restaurant patrons — especially younger, health-focused, more-frequent diners like Millennials — reward “green” brands.1

Percentage of consumers “very interested” in restaurants doing their part to protect the environment
Consumers who would pay up to 10% more to eat at a green restaurant.2

Reducing water usage, installing energy-efficient appliances, implementing extensive recycling programs, and avoiding paper napkins and Styrofoam are all examples of sustainable practices today's restaurants are embracing.

Cleaning programs also offer foodservice operations an opportunity to tout their green bona fides. From recyclable packaging to compostable materials and low VOC levels, restaurants can choose to seek out cleaning products that reinforce their sustainable ideals.

Going green isn't just good for the environment, it's good for employee morale, too. When employees feel proud of the sustainability practices their workplace embraces, it can help them perform their jobs more enthusiastically, increasing loyalty and reducing turnover.4

Don't forget to tell your customers about your restaurant's efforts to incorporate green business practices by including your eco-friendly practices in all your marketing endeavors. Consider listing them on table-tents (printed on recycled paper!) and showcase them on web sites and social media.5 Your customers will reward you and your competition will be green with envy.

Make Sani Professional® Cleaning Products a Part of Your Restaurant's Sustainability Practices

As part of Nicepak/PDI, the largest producer of wet wipes in the world, we are passionate about helping to improve health and well-being and quality of life in homes, workplaces and communities across the globe. It’s that same passion that influences the footprint we leave on our planet, ensuring that we meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. We call it “Thinking Clean, Working Green,” and its part of who we are.

Clean = Green

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