About Us

We Care About Cleanliness & Safety, Just Like You.

Commercial food and business establishments face major challenges when it comes to cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Too many products, too many steps, and not enough time increases the risk of unsafe food and surroundings.

At Sani Professional, we understand you. Our goal is to help you protect your reputation with convenient cleaning methods that are proven effective, compliant, and user-friendly. No mixing or measuring is required. Plus, we have color-coded our lineup to ensure straightforward training, proper use and ease of storage.

Food Safety Is Our Passion. Making It Simple Is Our Mission.®​

Our broad range of easy-to-use cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products help mitigate the risk of illness commonly caused by cross-contamination of surfaces, improper food handling and poor personal hygiene.

Clean:  Effective in removing food and debris, and for general cleaning of hard, nonporous surfaces.

Sanitize: Sanitize hard, nonporous food contact surfaces. Each wipe contains the same level of sanitizer, guaranteed.

Disinfect: Effectively kill microorganisms commonly found on high-touch, non-food contact surfaces.

Hands: Extra protection or hand sanitization when soap and water are not readily available.

Clean Confidently​

We believe your success depends on confidence: confidence that your facility is safe and spotless; confidence that your staff is cleaning and sanitizing the right way; confidence that your guests are satisfied, and your brand is secure.

Sani Professional puts that confidence in the palm of your hand—by reinventing the way you clean and sanitize. Discover innovative solutions that take the complexity out of compliance, help stretch your budgets further, and protect the health of your staff and patrons. We make it easy, fast, and effective so you can be confident that food safety is a seamless part of a satisfying experience—where you, your employees, and your customers win, every day.

Sani Professional is a Purpose-Driven Company Deeply Rooted in the Prevention of Community-Acquired Infections (CAIs).

CAIs can be contracted in any public setting; however, an industry or business that handles food is at particularly high risk for spreading bacteria and viruses. By providing our customers with more effective, convenient, and safer products for surface cleaning and sanitizing—with easier-to-follow protocols—together we can help wipe out CAIs.

We are a U.S. Manufacturer Committed to Sustainability

We strive to advance the health, safety, and wellbeing of our associates, customers, consumers, and communities through our products, workplace standards, social, and ethical standards. PDI's latest Environment and Social Impact report unveils next generation goals across our key impact areas that will help us work towards our vision to create a clean and healthy world through our products, expertise, and education.

Healthcare and Sani Professional canisters converted to Softpack format use = 80% less plastic and makes shipping 6 to 7 times more efficient.

Over $1.6 million in products was donated to crisis relief efforts and cash donations to local community charities.

Solar power generates our renewable electricity. In 2020-2021, systems in Orangeburg and West Nyack, NY prevented approximately 2,300 metric tons of GHG emissions.

Both our manufacturing facility in Orangeburg, NY, and distribution center in West Nyack, NY are zero landfill.

For the 8th year, we are helping foodservice customers to achieve landfill diversion goals with a selectable size, perforated, dry towel that is certified compostable.