About Us

Food Safety Is Our Passion. Making It Simple Is Our Mission.®

According to the CDC, 1 in 6 Americans suffer from a foodborne illness every year. We believe that is far too many.

At Sani Professional, we're passionate about food safety and committed to being a trusted partner to your business. We offer industry-leading innovation designed around you: your needs, your challenges, and your concerns. That means making cleaning and sanitizing safe and simple, efficient and effective—so you can focus on your business, and deliver satisfying customer and employee experiences every day.

Clean Confidently

We believe your success depends on confidence: confidence that your facility is safe and spotless; confidence that your staff is cleaning and sanitizing the right way; confidence that your guests are satisfied, and your brand is secure.

Sani Professional puts that confidence in the palm of your hand—by reinventing the way you clean and sanitize. Discover innovative solutions that take the complexity out of compliance, help stretch your budgets further, and protect the health of your staff and patrons. We make it easy, fast, and effective so you can be confident that food safety is a seamless part of a satisfying experience—where you, your employees, and your customers win, every day.

Sani Professional® is a Purpose-Driven Company Deeply Rooted in the Prevention of Community-Acquired Infections (CAIs).

CAIs can be contracted in any public setting; however, an industry or business that handles food is at particularly high risk for spreading bacteria and viruses. By providing our customers with more effective, convenient, and safer products for surface cleaning and sanitizing—with easier-to-follow protocols—together we can help wipe out CAIs.

We Are A U.S. Manufacturer Committed to Sustainability

Being an industry leader and an outstanding U.S. corporate citizen means setting measurable goals, not just for quick profits but for the life of our company, our country, and our planet. We are proud of our sustainability achievements, more than doubling many of our initial goals:
  • Reduced energy use by 22%
  • Cut CO2 emissions by 21% per unit of production
  • Lowered landfill waste by 71%
  • Reduced water usage per unit by 4%
  • Continue to source sustainable fibers from renewable, natural sources