A 5-Star Clean to Keep Guests Coming Back

For hospitality guests, unclean means unsafe – and nobody wants to stay where they don’t feel safe. Provide your guests with a clean, safe and sanitary ‘home away from home’ with Sani Professional® products.

From guest rooms and restrooms to kitchens, casinos and fitness centers, Sani Professional has the right tool for the job. Easily disinfect high-touch areas such as light switches and television remotes in guest rooms; quickly clean and sanitize tables at busy restaurants and buffets; and offer hand sanitizing wipes at dining establishments to give your guests peace of mind.

Our convenient and portable cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and hand hygiene solutions help motivate employees to improve procedural compliance, while our straightforward color-coded labeling system makes training new employees a breeze. Happier employees and cleaner environments help make for more satisfied guests.

Stop spreading germs with your old reusable rags. With a little help from Sani Professional, show your guests the true meaning of hospitality with a clean, safe and sanitary experience that’ll keep them coming back.

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