It's a Marriage of Convenience

As customer preferences evolve from packaged to freshly prepared foods, more and more supermarkets and C-stores are finding themselves operating mini-restaurants within their locations. This shift towards foodservice means a new set of operational challenges including managing food safety in a high-turnover industry. Sani Professional® is here to help with a convenient, compliant and user-friendly cleaning experience.

With an array of portable cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and hand hygiene solutions, Sani Professionalproducts are tailor-made for food preparation in non-traditional kitchens or where space may be limited. Clean, sanitize, and disinfect as you go without having to worry about mixing, measuring, or storing harsh chemicals. Offer your customers (and employees) peace of mind with a hand sanitizing solution that’s more effective than gels.*

Increasing employee turnover makes staff training difficult to implement or sustain. Sani Professional has a color-coded labeling system which makes proper product usage intuitive and requires minimal training, even if English is not their first language. Whether cleaning tables, sanitizing deli equipment and food contact surfaces, or disinfecting restrooms, shopping carts and high-touch areas, at Sani Professional we’ve got a wipe for that!

*See TDB for details

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