Workplace Breakroom

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Did you know that every year the flu costs U.S. workers up to 111 million workdays and costs employers $7 billion in lost productivity?¹ (CDC) And, as The Today Show reports, “Viruses spread like wildfire in an average office, getting from people’s hands onto the communal coffeepot within hours and spreading from doors to desks almost instantly.”

So, how do you stop the spread of germs and help keep your employees safe, healthy and disease-free? Sani Professional, of course!

Making a small investment in wiping hands, desks, phones, doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces in the workplace can produce a high return—happy, healthy employees. Providing employees with hand sanitizing wipes (proven more effective than gels in removing soil and germs from hands*), and surface sanitizers and disinfectants can reduce the number of viruses on hands and surfaces by 90%². Sani Professional Wipes can be readily accessible in high traffic areas in your facility with our wide selection of floor stands, easy-to-install wall mounts and other accessories to fit your particular need.

Sani Professional products are designed for safety, effectiveness, and ease of use because at Sani Professionalwe care about health and cleanliness at the workplace – just like you.