Foodservice in Healthcare

Promote Food Safety and Sanitation for an Infection-Free Facility

Creating the most sanitary environment possible for your patients and staff is essential to preventing infection, especially when dealing with the young, elderly, or immuno-compromised.

As sister division to PDI Healthcare, a leader in the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), Sani Professional® focuses on preventing the spread of Community Acquired Infections (CAI). In a healthcare setting, we promote food safety and sanitation in Healthcare Foodservice Operations.

Our array of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and hand hygiene products are EPA registered, NSF certified, and FDA Food Code compliant to ensure safety and effectiveness in eliminating pathogens.* The Sani Professionalcolor-coded labeling system and user training materials simplify employee training and help encourage compliance, while the portability of our solutions and unique accessories allow for easy use whenever and wherever needed, even for patients with limited mobility.

Prevent cross-contamination and help stop the spread of foodborne illness and other CAIs – see what Sani Professional can do to help you maintain an infection-free facility.

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