Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

From global raw material sourcing to in-house manufacturing,
at Sani Professional we are working to improve our environmental and social impact while innovating and expanding our product line, committing to product safety, and upholding quality to protect and improve lives.

Protecting People

  • Develop products that improve health and well-being through superior skin hygiene and surface disinfection.
  • Improve lives through comprehensive health, safety and wellness programming.
  • Formalize standards and processes that address the safety, environment, diversity and health of our supply chain.

Sustaining Environments

  • Innovate with science-based, sustainable materials and processes related to our applicators, chemicals, packaging and manufacturing.
  • Achieve carbon neutrality for purchased electricity and direct emissions.
  • Promote sustainable forestry and raise awareness of the health benefits of forests.

and Educating

  • Raise awareness of our environmental and social performance to associates, customers, and partners.
  • Measurably improve diversity, equity and inclusiveness across our global organization.
  • Strengthen volunteering, corporate giving, critical product donations, and education.

As part of our lean manufacturing philosophy, we aim to continuously reduce waste in all aspects of our operations.

By partnering with suppliers who uphold sustainable raw material sourcing, we are committed to improving our environmental impact.

Certifications and continuous improvement initiatives:

Government Registrations 4

  • EPA Registered
  • FDA Registered

Third-Party Certifications 4

  • Newly acquired Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)
  • UL-GMP for Cosmetics
  • BPI® Certified

With the Dry Foodservice Towel, Sani Professional is helping customers achieve landfill diversion goals since 2015 as the towel is certified commercially compostable by the Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI).

Our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certification ensures our Foodservice Towel fibers are sourced from suppliers who adhere to the organization’s standards for responsible forest management, where the health and safety of forest workers is secured and where precious forest wildlife is well looked after.

Sani Professional is committed to promoting a sustainable future by using science-based data to drive manufacturing processes and product and packaging innovation.

Partnering with Nice ‘N Clean for Health and Planet

Some of our key product components are derived from forest products. We are making investments in tree planting and eduction to support healthy communities and ecosystems for future generations.

Planting 150,000 trees across the U.S. by 2025

Capturing 92,000 metric tons of carbon over the trees' lifespan

Educating 22,000 K-12 students on forests and human health through new partnerships

Download a PDF version of Sani Professional's Vision for a Sustainable Future.

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1 Non-woven fibers sold on a surface area basis between 2018 and 2023, Sani Professional USA, BPI® certified commercially compostable products

2 Amount of Sani Professional rigid canister units sold in USA in 2023

3 Sani Professional USA, BPI® certified commercially compostable Sani Professional Dry Foodservice Towels SKU GA125DA and P02306

4 See product descriptions for applicable registration numbers

5 Based on 2022 forecasted volumes for the Large and Extra-Large Canisters. Data on file.

6 In comparison to weight of plastic for similar canister format; data on file. PDI large canisters (160 wipe count) and softpacks (80 wipe count) contain approximately the same amount in square inches of wipe material per container.

7 Based on volume of softpacks compared to canisters. Data on file.