Foodservice Towel Bracket

Keep Sani Professional® Dry Foodservice Towels within easy reach.

Our Dry Foodservice Towel bracket provides easy access to our reusable Foodservice Towels any time and every time they’re needed. It is the perfect accessory for a well-organized kitchen, or anywhere spills happen.

Save counter and storage space by mounting your Foodservice Towels by the kitchen sink, the service sink, sanitizing stations, or near any surface that needs to be dried off frequently. The bracket lets you easily tear off the right sized sheet you need from the perforated roll.

You won’t need to go searching for a clean towel again when you can dispense them from our Foodservice Towel Bracket.

Product Highlights

  • Mount bracket in high-spill areas
  • Easy to attach to wall (includes hardware)
  • Made of sturdy vinyl-coated wire to withstand commercial use
  • Holds one 200 ct. roll of our Dry Foodservice Towel
  • Dimensions: 17.25” wide x 5.75” tall x 6.438” deep

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