Fast Facts About Laundered Towels

Understanding the Environmental Impact of Laundered Towels in Foodservice Settings

Sustainability isn’t just a foodservice buzzword anymore, it’s “an expectation of today’s consumers and businesses.”1 From using locally-sourced ingredients to eliminating plastic straws, restaurant patrons – especially younger, health-focused, more-frequent diners like Millennials – reward “green” brands.2 Understanding – and reducing – your foodservice operation's environmental impact is critical.

You may think laundered towels are the eco-friendly choice versus disposables, but let’s take a closer look.

Laundered towels:

  • Waste up to 3 gallons of water per pound, every time an item is washed.2
  • Require harsh chemicals and bleaches that may find their way into the environment.
  • Lead to greenhouse emissions from transportation, washing and drying.

Think your laundered towels are eco-friendly? Think again. Download this infographic to learn more.