Food Safety Protocols in Public Health. Episode 9

Presented By Sani Professional

Join Dr. Hal King as he speaks with Mark Miklos, about Food Safety Protocols in Public Health. Podcast Episode 9

A podcast for food safety professionals, foodservice operators, crew members and anyone involved in the preparation, service, or delivery of food to the public.

Hosted by Dr. Hal King, expert in public health and food safety management, author, and keynote speaker, the podcast will bring together food safety experts to engage in a broad range of topics from the back to the front of house and everything in between.

The podcast is sponsored by Sani Professional, the food safety division of PDI, a global leader in infection prevention. As the #1 brand of foodservice wipes*, they provide simple and compliant solutions for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces and sanitizing hands.

Dr. Hal King and Sani Professional have spent years cultivating relationships with top food safety advocates nationwide. A shared passion for food safety education makes their collaboration on a podcast a natural next step. Together, they are excited to deliver actionable infection prevention solutions and advice from a Who’s Who of industry professionals.


About the author

Guest Speaker (Mick Micklos, CP-FS

Mark Miklos

Mick is a Partner in the firm Active Food Safety, LLC. At Active Food Safety we synthesize the best solutions from scientific, regulatory, and industry best practice to develop effective food safety management programs and tactical tools to help grow your food business while improving public health and food safety.    

Prior to joining Active Food Safety in June 2020 Mick spent seven years at the National Restaurant Association where, as Director, he was responsible for the Association’s food safety & QA programming. Before joining the Association Mick finished an eighteen-year career with Waffle House Inc. where, as Vice President for Food Safety & Training, he was responsible for food safety solutions and implementation at over 1,600 locations in 26 states.

Mick has served on numerous boards throughout his career including Sani-Professional’s own Food Safety Advisory Board, the Food Safety Summit Educational Advisory Board, the Ecolab Food Safety Advisory Board, the Board of the Georgia Restaurant Association, and as co-chair of the Food Safety Task Force for the National Retail Federation.  In addition, Mick has been active with the Conference for Food Protection, has served on several AFDO, NEHA, and NACCHO committees and was a charter member of the FDA Restaurant Food Safety Partnership.

Mick received the National Restaurant Association’s “Operator Innovation Award for Food Safety” for his work on disaster preparedness and response and was the AFDO Industry Member of the Year in 2018. He has written for Food Safety Magazine, the Journal of Food Protection Trends and the Georgia Environmentalist.

Mick holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of South Carolina and is a Certified Professional in Food Safety through the National Environmental Health Association.

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