Got A Need For Speed?

Several trends illustrate why foodservice operators need a faster and better solution for keeping their FOH clean... especially during peak hours!

Are Rising Labor Costs Causing Slower Service?

The rise in minimum wage, the high cost of employee benefits combined with a tighter labor market has resulted in a reduction of staff. “In many states, it’s cheaper to keep servers on the clock than bussers because of a loophole that allows restaurants to pay servers who earn tips less than minimum wage."1

Restaurants are being forced to intensify training for wait staff and remaining bussers to minimize the challenges associated with wearing multiple hats.1 This emphasizes the need for convenient, easy-to-use tools that allow staff to do more, like FOH cleaning, in less time.

The Use of Technology in FOH Brings a New Cleaning Challenge.

Digital technologies such as kiosks, tabletop tablets and point of sale devices are transforming the guest dining experience.2 Investment in these technologies have dramatically increased the speed of ordering, paying, etc but how should these devices be cleaned? Chemicals used on other surfaces may damage expensive devices and not be quick and convenient for regular use throughout the day.

What is the Secret to a Great Guest Experience?

95% of consumers agree that cleanliness can change a good experience in to a great one (icon) with 92% agreeing that that experience will lead to a recommendation to friends. In fact, research carried out by a Harvard Business School researcher found that a 1-star increase in a restaurant's Yelp rating can see a 9% increase in revenue.3 The cleanliness of a restaurant is proven to be a key factor in repeat business and new business!

  • Require little to no training.
  • Always ready to use – Wipe. Toss. Done.™
  • Perfect for turning tables faster during peak business hours.
  • Convenient dispensing accessories allow wipes to be where you need them, when you need them.
  • Use on a wide variety of surfaces: Dining tables, seats, digital devices, glass, counters and more!