Keep Kitchen Grease Under Control. Here’s How:

Unattended grease buildup can quickly put more than your reputation at risk. Without regular degreasing protocols in place, excessive grease buildup can open your foodservice business to multiple dangers including fire and pest infestation.



Annual amount in property damage caused by restaurant fires1



Percentage of restaurant fires that occur as a direct result of failure to clean1



Percentage of a restaurant’s health inspection score that is based on pest control2


It's a foodservice operator's worst nightmare. Yet with so many hot surfaces and open flames, it's also an ever-present danger in foodservice settings. Excessive grease buildup on surfaces can exacerbate this threat. Because grease and vaporized oils are powerful fire igniters and fuel sources for uncontained fires, keeping commercial kitchens clean is an essential first line of defense.

1 But fryers and grills commonly found in commercial kitchens can lead to difficult-to-clean, highly flammable grease buildup on surfaces throughout your entire food prep area.

The longer grease accumulates, the harder it is to remove. That’s why daily kitchen cleaning protocols are the first step in an effective grease reduction program. Throughout the day, all kitchen surfaces – including prep tables and the outsides of fryers and grills (when no longer hot!) — should be cleaned and degreased. Ensure that grease has not built up behind ovens, ranges, fryers or other hard-to-reach spaces.4 Regular degreasing throughout a shift can make end-of-shift deep cleaning much easier.

Pest Control

Keeping a foodservice environment pest-free is a never-ending battle. Flies, roaches, ants, and rodents can contaminate food and kitchen equipment, as well as spread potentially deadly diseases like E. coli and Salmonella.5

A dirty kitchen is one of the chief causes of back-of-house pests which feed on grease buildup.2 Not only does grease attract pests, it can inhibit your ability to eliminate them by reducing the effectiveness of many pest control products.6

Failure to take the necessary time needed to clean and degrease properly can make foodservice operations more vulnerable to vermin.3 It's essential that cleaning and degreasing protocols be fast and efficient, ensuring busy staff can realistically complete them.


Addressing grease throughout a shift vs. the end of each day can prevent the grease buildup that attracts vermin and leads to restaurant fires. Fast and effective, Sani Professional® Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes make routine degreasing easy and convenient for staff – helping to ensure it gets done more frequently!

Extra-large, heavy-duty Sani Professional® Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes are perfect for back-of-house applications like griddles, fryers, and hoods. They are also an ideal solution for front-of-house areas including countertops and tables. With regular use throughout a shift, these ready-to-use, disposable wipes can reduce the burden of end-of-shift cleaning and grease removal, helping protect your operations from fire and infestation threats.

Sani Professional® Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes knock out tough, greasy messes fast – leaving behind clean, streak-free surfaces in both front and back of house.


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