Large/XL Canister Wall Bracket

Promote good hygiene and sanitary practices throughout your facility with Sani Professional L/XL Canister Wall Brackets. These brackets will fit any Sani Professional Large or XL canister products including our Hands Instant Sanitizing Wipes, Hands Antibacterial Wipes, Multi-Surface Disinfecting Wipes, and No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes. Save counter space and keep your favorite wipes easily accessible in Front of House and Back of House locations such as food prep areas, service areas, workstations, and bathrooms.

Sani Professional Large/XL Canister Wall Brackets have a sleek and shiny chrome finish. Each bracket will fit one Large or XL Sani Professional wipes canister.

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for use with Sani Professional Large or XL canisters
  • Holds Sani Professional Hand Wipes 300ct, Disinfecting Multi-Surface Wipes 200ct, and No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes 95ct and 175ct canisters.
  • Smooth Chrome finish
  • Quick and easy Installation
  • Available in 10ct or 1ct
  • Dimensions: 5.88 in x 5.75 in x 5.25 in

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