Lifetime®‘s All Mixed Up Teams Up with Sani Professional®

Finally, a cooking show featuring food safety! Season Six of All Mixed Up premiered June 28th on Lifetime featuring Sani Professional® products and Matt Schiering, Sani Professional‘s Vice President and General Manager, as a guest judge!

Video Transcript for Lifetime®‘s All Mixed Up Teams Up with Sani Professional®

[Ralph Pagano] “All Mixed Up is back and better than ever. We’re at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Inside, six contestants. At stake, $2,000 and the title of All Mixed Up Champion. I’m your host, Ralph Pagano. Let’s see what happens in the kitchen.”

[Ralph Pagano] “Sani Wipes are in the kitchen and the judges are going to make sure they’re used. And, of course, there are the judges. We have a panel of three industry connoisseurs and experts and, as always, they’ll be awarding points on taste as well as presentation.”

[Ralph Pagano] “Hey, I’m Chef Ralph Pagano here to talk to you about some tips on keeping it clean. Today I’m teaching how to sanitize your hands properly. It’s so important to keep a clean kitchen and to prevent cross-contamination of surfaces and equipment. This tip has been brought to you by Sani Professional®, my, and your, food safety partner.”

[Ralph Pagano] “Matt Schiering, Vice President and General Manager at Sani Professional. Matt will especially be keeping an eye on how the chefs keep their stations clean.”

[Ralph Pagano] “Are you ready? The game is on right now. Five gold stars to the cleanest station. Action’s on you!”

[Ralph Pagano] “I’m going to give them a shot to keep their stations clean. I want them to see this great product and make their stations clean. I like it clean.”

[Matt Schiering] “Good luck. Don’t forget to change those gloves when you get to the veggies.”

[Contestant] “Thank you.”

[Matt Schiering] “From a food safety perspective, I appreciated that you cleaned and sanitized your hands after mixing the gnocchi… I saw you cut your finger early but then you continued to stay gloved up so that you wouldn’t contaminate the food. I appreciate that.