Make Outdoor Dining Clean and Safe

Memorial Day marks the start of summer and an increase in outdoor dining. While many operators have already expanded their outdoor dining capacity to serve customers amid the social distancing challenges of the pandemic, outdoor dining increases capacity and presents its own unique challenges. Among them include:

  1. Staff has more area/tables to cover.
  2. Newly hired staff, specifically seasonal help, may be inexperienced and easily overwhelmed.1
  3. Less convenient access to running water.

Despite these challenges, critical cleaning, and sanitizing practices to prevent foodborne illness and other communicable diseases remains vital. Yet, with an unprecedented labor shortage of foodservice professionals to meet the growing demand, selecting easy-to-use, easy-to-train products help ensure these tasks are completed regularly and within compliance to protect your guests.

Sani Professional® ready-to-use premoistened cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and hand sanitizing wipes can help operators meet these challenges head on. Unlike the traditional rag and bucket method, our wipes are premoistened and ready-to-use:

  1. Fast. No preparation and no-rinse required.
  2. Require little to no training, are ready-to-use (no mixing, measuring or periodic testing): Wipe. Toss. Done!
  3. Are more portable than a rag and bucket.
  4. No water required.

Sani Professional’s family of products are ideal for outdoor dining, as well as indoor FOH and BOH cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and hand hygiene needs. Hand Instant Sanitizing Wipes are a great solution for staff and guests as a convenient alternative to soap and water or in addition to soap and water.

Want more information or samples of Sani Professional® ready-to-use wipes?

Click here for comparison of steps of traditional Rag & Bucket vs. Sani Professional® premoistened wipes.

Click here for comparison of rag & bucket vs. Sani Professional® premoistened wipes.