Pop-Up Floorstand

A heavy duty, customizable wipes dispenser with built-in waste receptacle

The Pop-Up Anti-Newton Floor Stand is highly recommended to make Sani Professional hand or surface wipes easily accessible to your staff and guests. Promote hand hygiene compliance with our Pop-Up Floorstand by making wipes available in strategic places in your facility.

The Pop-Up floorstand is heavy duty and can withstand busy traffic and frequent use. A built-in waste receptacle makes it convenient to dispose of used wipes. Customizable signage is also available.

This pop-up floorstand is perfect for fitness centers and other businesses where customers expect convenient surface sanitizing or disinfecting.

Product Highlights

  • Holds up to four (4) extra-large Sani Professional canisters
  • Pop-up mechanism for easy loading and dispensing
  • Made of durable coated metal with a smooth surface
  • Wipes dispense from the top for easy 360-degree access
  • Expandable waste receptacle reduces labor
  • Customizable header card insert included

 Dimensions: 12” wide x 51.5” tall (including header card) x 14.5” deep

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