QuatCheck Kit

Check quarternary ammonium chloride sanitizer levels like a pro.

The Sani Professional QuatCheck Kit is a reliable, simple, and convenient way to verify the levels of quaternary ammonium (quat) in your Sani Professional No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes. When the health inspector arrives, just pull out our QuatCheck Kit and everything you need for testing quat levels is right there, ready to go.

Our QuatCheck Kit includes everything you need for checking quat concentration.

Product Highlights

  • Heavy-duty plastic carrying case
  • Syringe for expressing liquid from wipes
  • Plastic solution jar
  • Quat test strips
  • Color-coded concentration level key

Directions for use

  1. Insert a sanitizing wipe into the plastic syringe.
  2. Express liquid into the kit’s plastic solution jar.
  3. Dip a fresh test strip into liquid for 3 seconds; remove and shake off excess liquid; and wait 1 minute until color remains consistent.
  4. Check strip against color-code on back of strip container to match the quat level.
  5. Rinse jar thoroughly and air dry after use.

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