Germiest Places in a Restaurant

What's on the menu? Germs!

Estimate of all infections transmitted by hands1

Percentage of persons who wash their hands prior to eating2

Number of days live flu virus can reportedly be transported via paper money3

With an estimated 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands,1 it is no wonder items most frequently handled by consumers at a restaurant can harbor the most bacteria.

Restaurant menus alone can play host to more germs and bacteria than any other surface found in foodservice. In fact, an analysis of swabs from 12 different restaurants discovered that menus carry an average of 185,000 bacteria – including potentially deadly E. Coli and Salmonella!4 What’s worse, harmful bacteria can survive on laminated menus for up to 24 hours.4 Yet, shockingly, most restaurants do not have menu cleaning protocols in place to protect their guests.

Learn more about the germiest places in your restaurant by downloading this infographic now.