First Things First: Clean

First Things First: Clean

Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

What's the Difference?

CLEANING – Cleaning is the removal of visible soil and food debris from surfaces.1 Cleaning is a prerequisite for effective sanitization. 1

SANITIZING – Sanitizing reduces the presence of any bacteria, viruses and fungi on a previously cleaned surface to safe levels. 1

DISINFECTING – Disinfecting is the elimination of pathogens and disease-causing microorganisms.1

Cleanliness consistently ranks near the top of factors that most affect guest experience. In fact, 43% of people wouldn’t return to a dirty restaurant unless it was “absolutely necessary”3 and 21% of all negative restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp! and OpenTable specifically cited poor restaurant cleanliness.4

If you’re dropping the ball on cleaning protocols, the effect can be catastrophic. Surveys show that 85% of restaurant patrons would not return to businesses with negative online reviews citing lack of cleanliness.5

Food for thought: According to New Voice Media, after one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again.6

If cleaning is an essential step to keeping customer favorability scores high, it’s also essential to keeping customers healthy. According the FDA Food Code, surfaces must be cleaned prior to being sanitized.7 ServSafe® protocols likewise require cleaning prior to sanitizing.2 Bottom line: Surfaces that are not clean cannot be effectively sanitized.

The Sani Professional® family of cleaning products can help restaurants clean quickly, effectively, and confidently — protecting reputations and customers! Our convenient, non-toxic cleaning products like Cleaning Multi-Surface Wipes allow employees to quickly wipe away food particles, dust, and debris — and encourage more frequent cleaning, impressing customers and improving guest experience. Plus, Sani Professional® Cleaning Products offer a faster, easier-to-use alternative to cotton/microfiber cloths, paper towels, cleaning solutions, rags and buckets.
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