Power Up Your Staff to Clean and Degrease Quickly & Effectively

Clean your way through the holiday rush with Sani Professional

The months and weeks leading up to the holidays are some of the busiest times for restaurants. Folks often dine out while shopping or to celebrate the holidays with friends and family because they are just too busy to cook for themselves or simply want to make the most of the holiday season. This increase in traffic puts staff on overdrive to keep the front of house spotless and the back of house clean and grease-free.


of consumers agree that cleanliness can change a good experience in to a great one with


agreeing that that experience will lead to a recommendation to friends.1

By choosing a cleaning and degreasing method that is both quick and efficient, operators can reduce the manual work required to clean FOH and BOH effectively, allowing your staff more time to deliver a positive dining experience to keep customers coming back.

Sani Professional has the cleaning solutions for this busy time of the year. Sani Professional® Multi-Surface Wipes and Degreasing Multi-Surface Wipes make cleaning and degreasing fast, simple, and efficient in keeping kitchen and dining areas clean and grease-free.

are ready-to-use and require minimal training. It’s as simple as Wipe, Toss Done!™ Sani Professional Cleaning wipes are a more convenient method for your staff to clean quickly and effectively. They are versatile for use on a variety of surfaces including glass, mirror, stainless steel, plastic, tile, sealed stone or wood, and safe on digital devices! Remove the complexity of juggling multiple cleaning products and your staff will be more motivated to clean.
are convenient for quick grease removal throughout the day, making the end-of-shift degreasing task less cumbersome. Third-party testing proves Sani Professional® Degreasing Wipes remove grease more effectively than Clorox® Cleaner & Degreaser and streak less than S.C. Johnson’s® Professional Degreaser.* Sani Professional® Degreasing Wipes are extra-large and heavy-duty which make them perfect for areas like backsplashes and hoods and surfaces around griddles or fryers.