What To Expect When You’re Inspected

Food Safety Tips to Bring Your "A" Game

When you are in the foodservice industry, health inspections can happen any time.

Typically, inspection scores must be posted publicly and are also easily accessible online.

Many municipalities even share inspection scores with online review sites like Yelp,1   meaning a less-than-perfect inspection score can turn away prospective guests and quickly damage your reputation. You don’t have to panic when an inspector arrives. By being properly prepared, you can bring your “A” game to health inspections. Keep your staff prepared with training and checklists and enforce proper food safety practices throughout the year to avoid health code violations.

Common infraction for which food service operations are cited include:

Icons< Temperature, Hand Hygiene, Improper Sanitizing and Cross contamination

It’s essential that restaurant operators be ready for an inspection at any time. Managers should conduct weekly in-house mock inspections to ensure their staffs are following proper protocols. Using an easy-to-follow checklist can help managers spot areas that need to be addressed. After the weekly review, managers should discuss results with staff and address problems requiring correction. 3

Make health inspections a positive experience. Prepare your restaurant and staff using these helpful checklists:

Be ready for a health inspection at your foodservice establishment. These tips can help you bring your ‘
A’ game.

Follow food safety best practices all year long to help avoid health inspection violations. Download our Top 10 Food Safety Tips here.