Pre-COVID vs. Post-COVID: Are you confident in your staff? Check out survey results here!

For the past year, Sani Professional has been surveying visitors of regarding their sanitizing and post-COVID confidence – and the results are telling!

First, we asked about sanitizing confidence: How confident are you that your staff is sanitizing properly? With over 1,900 respondents1, the results were definitive: fewer than one in five respondents were confident that their staff was sanitizing properly!

Pre-COVID, only 21.2% of operators were confident that their staff was properly sanitizing. As COVID continued to spread across the United States, that percentage dropped to 18.5%.

This is not surprising as proper sanitizing can be a complicated process. Some common pitfalls include:

  • Failing to clean prior to sanitizing
  • Incorrect concentration of sanitizer chemical – due to either improper chemical mixing, passage of time, or introduction of dirt and soil to the chemical mixture
  • Wiping after sanitizing (failure to ensure proper “contact time”)
  • Usage of a disinfectant (rather than sanitizer) without rinsing afterward

As COVID continued throughout the summer and fall, we followed up2 with our visitors: How confident are you that your operation is compliant with post-COVID best practices? Here, the results were only slightly more reassuring, with fewer than 1/3 of respondents answering as “Confident.”

With COVID cases continuing to peak across the nation, the need for operators to be confident in their infection prevention strategy has never been stronger. Sani Professional can help.

Sani Professional is the food safety division of PDI, a company dedicated to leading the fight against preventable infections. At Sani Professional, FOOD SAFETY is our passion. Making it SIMPLE is our mission. With our Sani ProActive™ training resources, Sani Professional can help operators be confident in their sanitizing procedures for the “new normal” in foodservice.

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    1. website survey, January – July 2020; 1,939 total respondents
    2. website survey, July – October, 2020; 406 total respondents