Are You Really Sanitizing?

Are You Really Sanitizing?

Are you really sanitizing? Foodborne illness outbreaks and common food code violations indicate that sometimes the answer to this question is “NO.” Just because you use a sanitizer does not necessarily mean that you are really sanitizing.

over 50 percent
Percentage of foodborne disease outbreaks attributed to dining in a restaurant.1

Poor kitchen sanitation and cross contamination rank in the top 5 most commonly cited foodservice health code violations.1 With more than 50% of foodborne disease outbreaks originating in restaurants2, sanitizing properly is vital to overall food safety.

Improper sanitizing of food contact surfaces can lead to foodborne illness outbreaks and Food Code violations, which:

  • May hurt a brands’ reputation.
  • May cause lost revenue, lawsuits, legal fees, insurance premium increases, inspection costs, and staff retraining.
  • May compromise annual profits.
  • May cause a foodservice establishment to shut down.

Estimated Cost of a Single Foodborne Illness Outbreak3

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Proper sanitizing requires a well-trained and supervised staff to correctly perform the protocols and good use of a sanitizer product per the manufacturer’s instructions. Unfortunately, a sometimes inexperienced, undertrained, or overly busy team may not always follow protocols perfectly, resulting in inadequate sanitization.

Have Confidence in Your Sanitizer & Sanitizing Protocol

Some of the most common sanitizing pitfalls are:

  • Mistaking cleaning for sanitizing, or not cleaning before sanitizing.
  • Failing to mix sanitizing solutions to proper concentrations, or having solutions become out-of-spec during the course of a shift.
  • Not cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces after every use or as required by the Food Code.


Avoid these pitfalls with help from Sani Professional’s Sani ProActive Food Safety Compliance Aids.

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At Sani Professional®, food safety is our passion. Making it simple is our mission. We offer a complete line of quick, easy-to-use sanitizing products designed to reduce cross-contamination risks in fast-paced foodservice environments, back or front of house.

Even the most simple-to-use sanitizing method requires some staff education and training. Look for the Sani ProActive™ logo for food safety compliance aids that help operators be proactive about food safety.

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