TripleTake Q&A with Richard Willis

Q&A with Richard Willis, MPH, MELP

Welcome to the Sani Professional® TripleTake Q&A — 3 questions, 3 answers each — with hospitality food safety expert, Richard Willis, MPH, MELP. Richard serves as the Quality Control Food Safety Manager for the leader in hotel resort destinations and is the food safety subject matter expert for the Food and Beverage Task Force. Holding Masters Degrees in Public Health (MPH) and Environmental Law and Policy (MELP), Richard is able to analyze challenges quantitatively from various perspectives. Mr. Willis believes inclusion is a pillar for facilitated leadership and building high performance teams and is a necessary component for customer satisfaction.

1.  What do you feel are the 3 most critical food safety issues facing the foodservice industry today? 
Richard Willis:
  1. Hands as a vehicle of contamination (improper hand hygiene)
  2. Hot and cold holding foods (temperature abuse)
  3. General non-compliance with regulations related to foodborne illness risks
2.  What are the top 3 things hotels and casinos can do to be prepared for a health inspection?
Richard Willis:
  1. Have a Food Safety Management Plan in place that looks at food safety and risk reduction from multiple disciplines.
  2. Invest in ongoing training and staff development.
  3. Develop a plan that addresses potential problems before they occur. Expect an outcome based on the results of the operational food safety management plan.
3.  What are your top 3 tips for someone just getting started in hospitality food safety?
Richard Willis:
  1. Learn as much as possible about the culture of the company. Is diversity celebrated as an integral part of the culture?
  2. Do they ‘walk the walk’ regarding food safety? Food safety protects the brand by protecting everyone along the flow of food, from suppliers to the ultimate end user, the guest.
  3. Is the company interested in being an innovative leader in the industry? Look for companies that make a difference in the community and inspire others to give back as well.
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